Be My Valentine

January 26, 2018 / Entertaining Ideas

Emory is a bright red and white woven geometric design tablecloth.


HADLEY RADIANT VIOLET is a flirty fun print on faux silk. It is also available in a variety of colors: Teal, Cornflower, Salmon, Grass, White with Black and Black with White.


PETALS CERISE  tablecloths have cascading petals of taffeta providing a whimsical flair to your event. It is also available in White, Orange, Silver, Pink, Gold, Ivory and Purple Green.

Samantha Salmon

SAMANTHA SALMON is an intricate printed pattern of bold colors with a crisp white contrast. Also available in Green, Orange, Grey, Navy Blue and Fuchsia.


MACKENZIE VIOLET is a detailed circular pattern in shades of violet on a white background. It is also available in Grey and Teal.

Contact the staff at Total Table for availability and sizing.

Ann Davis