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Outdoor Events and Tablecloths

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An event in a tent is a fabulous and magical venue but there are some rules when it comes to tablecloths under the Big Top!
As much as you want to put those tablecloths on the tables the night before just to get a real feel for the atmosphere you are creating – don’t do it.
All the dew that would have settled on the ground will now settle on the table top and with no sun beating down on it to dry it out, it will stay damp through your event. The same holds true for after your event when it might be seemingly easier to just leave the tablecloths on the tables for pick up the next day. They will be damp and by the time you pick them up the following day and put them in the laundry bags the top of the tablecloths will have already started to mildew. This is not a good way to end your party.

Remember to shake all debris such as rose petals, confetti and food off of the tablecloths as these can also cause stains and mildew on the fabric.

See below if you are not sure what mold looks like – yikes- it’s terrible!


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