Tablecloth Measurements

 If the table you need to cover is a rental table  you will want to cover it with a tablecloth that goes to the floor. Rental tables have very utilitarian legs which you want to hide. The legs are in the center of the table and therefore the fabric is not restricted by the table legs when your guests cross their own legs.  Here is a general rule for choosing the right size tablecloth for rental tables.


Tablecloths to the floor.


Just add 60" to the diameter of your table for a tablecloth that touches the floor. (Table height should be 30")


Rectangles and Squares:

Add 60 inches to the width of the table and add 60 inches to  the length of the table for a tablecloth that touches the floor on all 4 sides.

We Know Our Stuff: I recommend rounding the corners otherwise the point will be too long and drag on the floor.


  Dining Room Tables: (Average table height 30″)

The size of your tablecloth depends upon the type of table you are trying to cover.  Tablecloths for your dining room and kitchen tables generally do not go to the floor as the legs are decorative. Also, your home tables tend to have the legs on the outside corners and this will restrict the fabric from moving when your guests are seated and stretch out or cross their legs if your tablecloth goes to the floor.


We Know Our Stuff: Tablecloths for your home generally hang approximately 8"-12" down from the edge. This is known as the drop.

Measure the diameter of your round table or the width and length of your rectangular, oval or square table. Determine the drop: how much you want the tablecloth to hang down from the edge of the table. The standard is 8-12 inches and it is up to your personal preference within this window. Experiment with a sheet to see what looks best with your chairs pushed in or out and what feels comfortable when you are seated. Too much fabric in your lap is a distraction and too little fabric in the drop looks like you got the wrong size. Remember that whatever drop you choose you must add this number twice to your measurements as you have to go down on both sides of the table. i.e. 36″ x 72″ with a 10 inch drop is 36 +20 x 72 + 20. The tablecloth will be 56″ x 92″.


We Know Our Stuff:

#1. Adding a few extra inches onto the length of the tablecloth is a good idea. All fabric shrinks when it is washed and it shrinks more in the length than width. By adding the extra 3-4 inches you will be sure that you don’t have a tablecloth that is too skimpy on the ends after a few washings.

#2.Rounded corners on full length rectangular or square tablecloths keep the points from dragging on the ground. See out Point to Point page on the measurement for square table points.


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